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Reflecting The Future
In Water


Water connects us all. It sustains our economy and, in a water-scarce country such as South Africa, the value we place on water is tied to its life-giving properties. Due to a lack of water infrastructure in rural settlements, 19% of the rural population currently lack access to a reliable water supply, and over 26% of all schools (urban or rural), and 45% of clinics have no access to water.

Thus, the provision of sustainable water management infrastructure is absolutely essential to not only protect this precious resource, but also to enable the equal distribution of this basic human need to all South Africans. The Department of Water and Sanitation has identified water infrastructure as a key strategic activity, which will help to stimulate the economy and open up new industries within the water sector.

Civil engineers play a vital role throughout the water life cycle. Our water team has over 10 years’ experience in the design and implementation of water resources management systems for both municipalities and state-owned entities. We provide innovative solutions that take cognisance of the changing environment, in terms of social aspects as well as best management practice principles.

Our core services include the design and construction management of municipal infrastructure, including water distribution, sanitation and stormwater systems. We also provide hydrology and flood-line determination, as well as river engineering and bridge hydraulics services. We have experience in water and wastewater treatment and are proficient in the design and management of mining ‘wet’ services.