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Our Company

The Future Of Engineering

Established at the end of 2016, merchelle’s collective is 100% black women-owned and proudly a level one b-bbee company

The company name is derived from the names of two of the founding members, Mercy Ramabulana and Rochelle Rajasakran. Between them, the two have many years of experience in the engineering industry - Mercy as an HR specialist, and Rochelle as a traffic and transportation engineer. The name was deliberately created with a strong feminine tone, as one of our primary objectives is to attract, mentor and train promising young black women engineers, technologists and technicians, with a view to professional registration and grooming as future leaders in their fields.

The Collective is essentially a re-grouping of individuals previously employed by Goba (Pty) Ltd. Together we have a common vision to transform the engineering industry through honest and transparent ownership and leadership. This would be achieved through our mutual understanding of Ubuntu, integrity and the importance of all employees within our organisation.

Our Mission

Merchelle’s Collective is the culmination of a dream to transform the engineering industry. The company is passionate about reshaping the future for women engineers.

In a male dominated industry, we aim to motivate, inspire and empower women, especially black women, to reach their full potential. The company is a platform for building women’s careers through equal opportunity, meaningful mentorship and encouraging women entrepreneurs. We aim to create opportunities for women as equal partners in delivering quality engineering solutions that grow and develop our country. As experienced and qualified engineers with a diverse skills set, we are positioned to provide professional services to our clients, as well as meaningful knowledge transfer to young engineers.

Core Values

Over and above the usual company values in terms of excellence, integrity, quality, safety and professionalism, which we consider a given for business sustainability, our values go beyond the norm, reflecting the future.

We aim to be an inspiration to staff, partners, clients and competitors alike, and a shining example of a professional, caring and nurturing company that respects and accommodates diversity. Merchelle’s Collective is committed to being a preferred partner, and is a proudly South African company, reflecting the demographics of our society. Not only do we strive to live up to industry standards, but to exceed them, setting the bar for small and medium-sized professional businesses.

Merchelle’s Collective is committed to creating a work environment that caters for the needs of our staff, giving them a sense of belonging, ownership and security in the knowledge that there is, where possible, flexibility within the business to provide them with work-life balance, e.g. maternity benefits, remote working arrangements, flexi-time employment for child care and family responsibilities. Through our Ubuntu ethos, we aim to achieve meaningful transformation in business and society at large.

As important to the business as the caring and nurturing of staff, is our commitment to strong client relationships and service. Attention will be devoted to understanding the wants, needs and ideas of clients and, in consultation and collaboration with clients, to provide creative and innovative yet practical solutions. These client-centric solutions will also take into consideration the enhancement of the lives of affected communities.

We are committed to teamwork, humility, integrity and hard work for our clients in a dignified, honest and professional manner. We will make a difference.